Back to the movie theater!

After two years, I went to the movie theater. Theaters opened a long time back, but I lost touch during pandemic. It was easy to binge watch on Netflix or amazon and not drive to the theater at a particular time.

One of the show I did binge watch during the peak of pandemic was Downton Abbey series and I also did watch the first movie. So when I saw ads for the next movie, I decided I should watch it on big screen as to give a good closure to pandemic binge watching.

The introduction of telephone, girls learning typewriting and becoming a typist were few things shown in the original series that I loved. The slow transformation of modernization was something I enjoyed watching throughout the series. The latest one, did not spoil my expectation. It was late 1920s, and silent movies were replacing talking ones, and the movie showed how that was done at that time.

Modernization or technological advances happen slowly at a pace humans can handle, but when pandemic came, we all jumped into virtual world. But I am glad we didn’t make that our lifestyle. After the movie was over I remembered the blog (here is the link) I wrote just before the pandemic. Today I did not take my son to the movies. But our free movies start next week and we will be back in the theaters with the popcorn bucket and soda. I just need to drive to the gym after the movie since the bucket is just a teeny bit big😜.

6 responses to “Back to the movie theater!”

  1. Hi Uma, I have not been to the movies either since before the pandemic. Perhaps you will take Your kids to see Top Gun, Maverick!! I remember going with Paul to see the original Top Gun. Paul always wanted to be a pilot!!

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    1. I saw thaat ad going on yesterday. My husband may take the boys but I am not a big fan of action movies.


  2. I still have not gone back to the movie theatre. My last time to one was almost 5 years ago.

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    1. Seems like most had let go of going to the movies even before the pandemic.😀


  3. blindzanygirl Avatar

    That sounds brilliant ganga. I love popcorn too.

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