The beginning of pandemic saw me getting attracted to Zen Garden. I really enjoyed looking at them on YouTube and decided to make one. My son painted some pebbles which we had collected from the shores of Lake Erie and made a small one for our sun room. Then last summer we made a bigger one in our garden. Little did I know, the Hen and Chicks which I planted would feed the rabbits, chipmunks and the squirrels. The winter weather conditions did make my white picket fence come down. But spring is on the way and the cleaning for my garden has started. So hoping to improve my Zen Garden.

I learnt about Killdeer birds. I even made a blog about it last year, nature. As we walk the fields again we have started searching for these birds and to see if they have laid eggs again on pebbles.

For the ragtag daily prompt pebble.

8 responses to “Pebbles”

  1. Hi Uma, I remember seeing you outside building your zen garden, it was a nice day but I don’t remember if it was summer or spring. I think we both had to run inside because it started to rain. I watched you build your garden with Ani and Mehesh. Winter has not been kind to your zen garden or my bird feeders. Like you, I want to start anew this spring!! I knew about killdeer, they have long legs like herons or cranes, but they can feign being dead when perused by an unwanted animal to save themselves. They are pretty. They love open fields and it is surprising to me how they can lay their eggs right out in the open. Mourning doves do that too!!

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    1. We did last spring. And I have a lot to do this spring too😀!


  2. This is awesome!
    It looks so very good!!!

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