It’s Superbowl Sunday!

Having lived in New England for thirteen years amd Pittsburgh for the past eleven years if I say I do not know football I will be telling a lie. When we told our car mechanic that we were moving from Boston to Pittsburgh he asked”why Pittsburgh?” , That was how the rivalry between the two cities were in 2000s, so yes as a girl from India I had to learn a bit about superbowl!

I do not have the patience to sit and watch the game in full but have watched a lots of nail biters.

This year I don’t have a favorite team but maybe as the game progresses I may start supporting one or the other. Anyhow we live close to Football Hall of Fame and here are some pictures

Have a great Sunday!

Little brother making his special brother kiss the Lombardi Trophy!😃

4 responses to “It’s Superbowl Sunday!”

  1. Hi Uma, that is so awesome, I have been to Heinz Field many times, mostly for Pitt Football, and I’ve seen the Great Hall where there are photos and Super Bowl trophies. I’ve been to the Old Three Rivers Stadium which was where The Steelers and The Pirates played before it was torn down. But I’ve never been to Canton and the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I would like to. Anyhow, since The Steelers are not in the Super Bowl, I will watch the game for fun and to see all the funny commercials and the Half Time show. I heard on the local news that The Super Bowl is our biggest unofficial holiday because mostly everyone wants to watch the game. It is fun because it’s just one game and not the best of seven like baseball and hockey. It is so sweet how your kids were kissing the Lombardi Trophy🙂❤️

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    1. Kim it took my family to get used to Steelers😀. We went to Canton many years ago , you can make it as a day trip with your grandchildren maybe one day.


  2. Oh wow! This is really cool! I heard so much about the Superbowl, but I’ve never been in America before! Have fun! 🙂

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    1. Yup Super Bowl is huge here! 😀


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