This post is for Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge. #FOTD here .

Hibiscus is one of the plants I grew up with. A tropical one and used in worship both at home and in temples.

It is really hard for the plant to survive in North Eastern region of the United States. We experimented by leaving it out once but it didn’t make it through winter. This year we got it again for just five dollars as a clearance sale and planted it in a pot. We got the pot inside. It has lost all it’s leaves but I am hoping it will survive.

Growing plants is definitely hard. But the sight of the first leaf and the bud definitely makes us smile, so my experiments with plants continue.

4 responses to “Hibiscus”

  1. Hi Uma, maybe you cold get a rose of Sharon. I have one and they grow so fast and have a lot of flowers. They are a type of hibiscus that grows well in our weather. I love mine.


    1. Just crazy about this type since it is the one I grew up with. Yes Rose of Sharon self seed’s itself and we have a lot. It is low maintenance.


  2. Hibiscus is one flower that is always pretty 😀 😀

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