The weather improved today after snow and freezing rain. It felt like a heatwave as the temperature crossed 32 degrees farenheit. We went for a good one mile walk outside. With snow banks it was chilly but we wanted to be out in the sun.

Unless you experience something bad it is really hard to appreciate the goodness we have.

As I check my 10 day forecast it is so much better than the past week. But as a human I will not appreciate that. As I go through the week my mind will crave for a better weather and start cribbing about that situation forgetting about the hardship I faced the prior week. Just reminding myself I should not do that!

Life experiences are something similar. We shout and scream during a storm and pray to come out of it. Once we are out we forget that life and start creating new storms! Life storms sometimes need not be by an external force, it can be made by ourselves too.

I hope I do not have any new life storms, internal and external and keeping fingers crossed for a sunny week ahead!

4 responses to “Forecast!”

  1. Hi Uma, what you wrote about made me realize that I don’t live in the moment either, I worry about all the bad things that may happen instead of saying, wow, today is so nice!! I think I create life storms like you said by worry. I am going to for today to be happy it is sunny and I can finally go to the grocery store!!

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    1. Yes go out and enjoy this day! It is beautiful and sunny!


  2. That’s some uncomfortable weather. Your point about it is spot on: appreciating the now isn’t something that seems innate 🙂

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