A personal choice /decision

Icicles 🥶

The weather has been nasty with rain, ice, sleet and snow for the past 48 hours. The schools and after school activities were closed. Every learning activity moved online.

For my son this is out of routine. He needs to be out of the house at least once a day. Yesterday we managed it. But today even with the snow we decided to go to our community rec center for his evening exercise.

The roads though treated were slippery. But driving on the road seemed to be a better choice for us than being at home since my son’s anxiety was shooting up.

I was wondering if were we going to be the only family that would be at the gym? To my surprise the gym was buzzing with activities . The basketball courts were full, the fitness center mostly occupied and the swimming pool even had a birthday party.

I was thinking everyone had their own priority and made their own decisions to venture out in this weather. The same is true now as the pandemic reaches the endemic stage as people begin to choose what activity they need to do or not to do. We balance the pros and cons.

If not for my son I would have just stayed home and watched TV , but I did walk for a good forty minutes today. It was refreshing after being couped up in the house for the past 48 hours .😀

4 responses to “A personal choice /decision”

  1. This is so true. I have been at home for a week now. The cold weather hurts me so bad. I went out to the doctor and then the grocery store one day this.week and then the rest of the week stayed home. I finally decided to go on a date with my husband as a bout of depression was seeping in.
    Kids rely on a routine. When things change and their not used to change it upsets their whole world. They look at you like “Mommy, what’s going on? I don’t like this.”
    Great post!

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    1. Thank you for checking me out and commenting. Change is not easy for all. The weather adds to mood. It was good to be out.

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  2. Yes , people need a change some how as everyone is mentally frustrated for the past 2 years not only in USA but here in chennai as well.
    We are just waiting to move out and seriously thinking of ordering Guju food as we are really tired eating at home nearly 24 months.
    I can understand your situvation in usa very well .
    Please relax and when ever possible please go out relax and enjoy.
    Me and my wife also just waiting to see my 2 grand daughters to Boston .soon will plan to travel .

    Have a pleasant day.

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    1. Mental health is equally important. Hope you are able to see your grand kids soon. Thanks for commenting.


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