A few of my favorite things about myself!

There are few things I love about myself.

I am a person who gets happy and satisfied with simple pleasures. Little things give me great joy. I have saved tons of money for my husband by saying this.

I love children. I shouldn’t let my younger one read this since he can take advantage of me. I am the bad cop in the family.

I can engage myself on my own, but with my special one I rarely get to do that nowadays.

I am very social. This my son’s developmental pediatrician told while talking to me. Developmental pediatricians usually diagnose autism, so I think that was a huge credit for me. Btw she told even my husband was very social.

I love planning and executing things at home. Even my father in law has credited me on that.

I think I will stop here. If I keep going on some may say I am bragging too much or others may recommend an award for me. Thanks to #Bloganuary for allowing me to boast about myself.

By the way it was really hard to come up with all the points above. I would say a tough prompt.

4 responses to “A few of my favorite things about myself!”

  1. Lol, singing our own praises can be tough indeed, and I can see how hard this was as a prompt, but you got through it! So inspiring to see you posting so regularly.

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  2. Why is it that we are always the bad cops? 😊

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