Living Boldly!

What does it to mean to live boldly?

Bloganuary Challenge Day 11!

The dictionary meaning of bold, is (of a person, action, or idea) showing an ability to take risks: confident and courageous. The opposite of bold is timid, unadventurous.

The above picture shows my Aunt’s helper carrying a tiny viper snake on the stick. The snake was found in their garden.. My legs shook even seeing the picture but the helper is not scared as me.

My Aunt’s helper is bold. So does that make me a timid person? I really applaud her for her boldness, she was born in a place that had snakes and she had been used to it unlike her I saw snakes only zoos and even today avoid them at zoos. I think this is due to situation in which we both grew up. If I had grown up among snakes I may not run away maybe get help and not live in fear of them.

Investing in stock market is considered risky. I would go for mutual funds even though it is low yielding. Am I being an unadventurous person. I am just being careful. Does that mean I am not bold, maybe I do not want that adventure in my life. I am happy and content with what I am..

The past summer my family went to Kinzua Bridge State Park, near Allegheny National Forest. There was a hike down a hill. My son hesitated to go down and after a few steps sat down. We tried to force him, but he was sure he did not want to go down anymore. I made the judgement call of climbing back up and taking a hiking path on a flat surface. In fact I am happy I took that decision we both enjoyed our walk and my younger son and my husband enjoyed their hike.

To conclude making a decision confidently itself is living boldly in our life journey. Therefore boldness can be a person’s action like bungee jumping or a confident decision making not to take the risk. I appreciate both kinds of people.

5 responses to “Living Boldly!”

  1. So, I’m getting the feeling from reading this that you’re not a risk taker. Do you link risk taking with boldness?

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    1. That is why I searched for the meaning. Boldness is the ability to take risks! Yes I am not a risk taker, but not taking risk involves a bold choice. That was point!😀


  2. Here’s to the quiet people that make the world go around 🙂

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  3. Lol, your aunt’s helper really does look bold indeed. In fact, she doesn’t even look the least bothered by a viper. That’s another level indeed. Such a great thing to get a glimpse of your life. Thanks for sharing!

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