Blogging all January!

It is exactly two years since I started my blogging journey. I am happy for all the support from those who have read and commented on it. It takes time and patience to do that and thank you so much for spending your time.

Multiple reasons made me start this journey but one thing I needed was an outlet to connect with the outside world. Raising a special boy is like running an organization. From the time my son was two neurologists, psychiatrists, developmental pediatrician, therapies, alternative therapies, alternative medications all became part of my life. Constantly looking through his day for appointments and continuing at home was my daily routine. Over the years these stabilized but as my son became an adult we moved on to adult services the ball game changed completely. That is when I decided I had to start living my life and blogging became one part of it.

I was just treading the water when the pandemic stuck. Let me tell you this was a very hard break. The pandemic is not over and I do not know when it maybe but my son’s autism has not gone anywhere and the transition has to continue and I need to get him settled . I just began the process. I also got a notification saying bloggers are encouraged to do one blog a day in January and I would be getting prompts every day. I have signed up for that challenge.

I feel me getting distracted with myself would allow me to make good decisions with my son’s life. Lot of things are slowly happening in his life and I really need this outlet.

I will be posting them daily so please like and comment and hopefully I will be entertaining you all in the process😊

11 thoughts on “Blogging all January!

  1. It’s Day 6 and the prompts seem to get harder every day… will I reach the end of day 31 I am going to give it my best shot I hope to see you and many others still with me on this challenge…Good Luck on your journey and thank you for following CarolCooks2 🙂

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