As Christmas rolls around most of the TV channels change their mode from slaying to sleighing so fewer Criminal Minds or CSI kind of shows to Christmas movies. So one of the movie that I accidentally stumbled upon was Ponsettias for Christmas. With my lifestyle tracking and tagging my son it is really hard for me to watch a movie in one sitting. I had watched this movie last year in bits and pieces during Christmas season and though it was cookie cutter Christmas movie I really enjoyed learning a lot about the poinsettias plant.

As I browsed the channel again this year I found the movie on again and I saw to it that I see the movie in full so I can learn and be educated about the plant.

Poinsettias in appearance seem to look red and all these years I just thought they had red flowers. Never have I looked at those closely or get myself attracted to it. The movie showed how the lack of sunlight makes the plant leaves change from green to red. This was something surprising for me since I thought the red stuff to be flowers! I have lived in this country for quarter century and have never bothered to look at that potted plant. Nearly 70 million of these are sold every year during the 6 week Christmas season and most are thrown out after the season . It really takes some precise sunlight for the plants to change colors and if it doesn’t happen the plants can remain green and the farmer can loose his income for that year.

So this year I got a ponsettia plant. My plant has just few red leaves. I don’t know if they would change entirely red by the end of the month or they may not since it was on sale for 5 dollars. It is something I am going to learn in the next few weeks.

Anyhow happy to learn something new and experiment on it😊.

Merry Christmas 🎄

3 responses to “Poinsettias”

  1. I love Poinsettias too, Uma and only the red ones. I was surprised too when I learned the red leaves aren’t even flowers and that the flower part Is the yellow part in the center of the red leaves. They stay really pretty long after Christmas too!! I always feel sad when the first garbage day after Christmas, I see beautiful poinsettias in people’s garbage😔. I keep mine long after Christmas.

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  2. I hope I can keep mine too😊!


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