Miracle League Baseball

9 years ago Miracle League Baseball was initiated in our community with an amazing baseball field for special needs people.
When fliers were sent out I really got excited about it and decided to enroll my son. My younger one and myself were all set to go on the field. But my son was not so excited. In fact he was neutral to it. My younger one dragging his brother to his home run plate was even posted in our local newspaper.
As years rolled by we started loosing interest just like any other activity. My son had med changes also added insult to injury from making us not pursue this anymore.
Fast forward last month my younger one started pestering me saying we should take his brother to the field again. He is now old and much taller than his brother that we decided he is going to handle him full time and that I would be there only to support him.
Autism has it’s own challenges and autism doesn’t like anything new. I say autism and my son to be different since my son likes to be around people but his disability makes it difficult for him to jump into new activities!
So after a year of lockdown , with masks on we entered the field. The first innings is always hard and by the bottom of fourth I had two hyperactive kids in the field. Yes 🙌 we did it.
The next two games the following week were similar but I think we have all got the rhythm. First inning I am not going to do anything, second slowly getting on to the field and by the fourth I am super hyper 😂!

In the field

Over the years our expectations with my son have stabilized .Nothing huge but he has to complete the given task and I think my soon to be 24 year old boy has understood that.
Three more games to go for summer and I am keeping fingers crossed 🤞 that the situation continues and maybe even improve and we get 4 great innings.
Footnote, Have to thank all the volunteers and coaches who do an amazing job to help these special people 🙏.

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