I have been called a wonderful Mom, a warrior Mom and many things as I raised my special one. Maybe I became egoistic so nature decided I need to be taught a lesson.

April 19th of last month my husband pointed me to a bird that was sitting on a pebble path around the baseball field were walk all evening. The bird was screaming and I noticed it had 4 eggs. Wow! I have never seen an egg or a nest. My life revolved around autism gfcf diets and therapies. I became excited. So the next day we found the bird in the same place with the eggs and to our surprise no one even had noticed it. I googled to see what it was and I had no clue. I learnt eggs hatch anywhere between 10 to 14 days! Our evening walking routine which was a monotonous walk around the field became interesting. What was more interesting was the weather changed so much. We had snow , frost, rain and even a hot weather day. I was shocked to see the bird kept nesting on it’s egg without caring for the kind of weather. On evenings when I couldn’t go my husband called me from the park and told me the status. 2 weeks had passed and the eggs didn’t hatch. It was May 13th I went for an afternoon walk with my son and noticed the eggs were gone and within few minutes saw 3 little cutie chicks running around. I tried recording but couldn’t record to my heart’s content. The sad part my husband who had been more diligent in seeing the eggs missed these chicks. But I do know they are around the park only😀. I still didn’t know the name of the bird. My neighbor dropped by today to ask me something. I could have texted the bird’s picture a long time ago but I just showed her askedwhat the name of the bird was ?. Oh it is called killdeer. I then googled to find interesting facts and learnt a lot. But one interesting thing is it lays eggs in golf courses and open fields .😀.

I realized how deep self centered I have been all these years thinking about my problem. These birds with so many predators take care of their little ones with no reciprocal advantage. Isn’t what Bhagavd Gita chapter 2 shloka 47 emphasizes, do your duty and expecting back something is not your right? Wow! The tiny bird shattered my ego as a Mom. I also learnt nature has so many beautiful things around me that I can let go of autism and enjoy.

2 responses to “Nature”

  1. Lakshminarayanan Sabhesan Avatar
    Lakshminarayanan Sabhesan

    very nice


  2. Narayanan Srinivasaraghavan Avatar
    Narayanan Srinivasaraghavan

    nice article. thanks for sharing your personal experience.


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