Cooking 🥘

As we stay home and try to be safe and flatten the curve the grocery stockpile seems to deplete. Hey I have used as many vocabulary as possible that I heard from various news channels. Kids are having online education and those who work from home continue to do it. I have established a routine with my special one and some days are hard during this period since it is an insult to an already existing injury. One thing is I am spending way too much time with him in the kitchen and I have been reminiscing about how I learnt cooking. I never cooked before marriage and I thought I would have a great cook for mother in law. Luck would have it I got married with no mother in law but a father in law who was a great cook. My husband had been the test subject of my cooking in the beginning years and I didn’t even know the difference between channa dal and toor dal. Somehow making lemon rice for lunch and dosa for dinner was my personal achievement. In the year 2000, wow ,20 years ago my father in law came to spend time with us in Boston for 4 months. I had to make 3 meals a day no excuses and traditional meals with 2 tiffin varieties. It was so hard for me to do that but I think I needed that much practice to be fluent in the kitchen. He used to comment on each and every single preparation. I think that pushed me to make a better meal. He helped with vegetables chopping and slowly opened up with hotel tips about Masala dosa poori kizhangu and how cooks season their curries. I learnt from him perungayam and onion not to be mixed and you don’t need too many ingredients to make a good masala kizhangu. As I prepared arisi upuma today I remember him too much since he only made that the entire trip and didn’t allow me (since I wasn’t too good). Yes I have mastered it and I post that for your viewing .

A note for my amma. I have learnt a lot from you and your guru chala chithi. It goes without mentioning.

I have always been lazy around amma and crave for thenga araicha spicy kuzhambu. No one can beat my Mom’s cooking.

My Dad’s first trip to Boston was after my father in law’s trip. You would think my experience with appa would have been an easy one but nope.I remember him singing varaveena during lunch one day .When I asked him why? He said We make sundal only during navarathri. Hey the men in my family kept challenging me😊.

But the more I was challenged I have become a better cook. I feel proud I can make healthy meals for my family. Eating at home is so much better than an every day take out meal.

I do hope things return back to normal for us to go dine in and enjoy the ambience of the restaurants and have a day off from cooking and the routine job of cleaning.

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