Stay at Home Order

Stay at Home Order:

According to CNN one third of the world population is in one or other kind of isolation. I live in a state where my county has been asked to stay at home . But we are allowed to go out for essentials or for a walk while maintaining social disance.

Today after a week we had to leave the house for milk and groceries. It was around 4 pm Saturday afternoon. There were cars on the road but nothing compared to two weeks ago when it all began. The store was stocked up ,with few people shopping.There was milk fresh produce bread and even paper products. But hand sanitizers were still missing. Wet wipes were freshly being stocked and I was surprised icecream shelves were empty. Since we were out we decided to take a quick trip to the Indian store. As we passed the traffic was light snd so many complexes had empty parking lots. Having a kid with autism I used to think our social life is not much. But as we drove around I thought how many things have I taken for granted! We enjoyed early morning breakfast at Panera Bread or a dessert at self serve icecream shop or an evening coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Window shopping at malls and casual shopping at Walmart are the few things we enjoyed and took for granted. Any long weekend would be me searching for a weekend getaway drive with my boys staying at Marriot or Holiday Inn and enjoying their free breakfast. Lunch would be at a local temple of that particular city. Our last trip was to New Jersey Guruvayoorappan Temple and I had vowed to return back there again this summer. All these thoughts were halted when my husband came back to the car saying Indian store is closed and they are doing curbside delivery only. At that point I realized hey I miss picking up vegetables without the fear of getting sick.

At this point I have to thank internet that has still connected me to the outside world. I thank God that my husband is working at home. There are a lot of people who are working in the community helping us through this time. I pray for those people and positively hope the situation becomes better soon.

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