Counting my steps.

3 years ago my friend introduced me into counting my steps. I found an app on my phone and got hooked up on it just like that. I found walking 10,000 steps or 5 miles a day is the norm for people in my age group. As I started counting my steps, my steps weren’t huge strides but tiny ones. I could just make 3.9 miles with 10,000 steps. Initially I accepted the challenge for just 10,000 steps. It was really huge for me since I was just making 6000 steps as a stay at home mom. Making 10,000 steps was going to the gym. Hey I went to the gym but to make my special one exercise I gave myself the excuse I was too tired from handling him and ignored to do any activity at the gym. I live in a cold place and the gym has an indoor walkway and I didn’t even care to use it myself . So the first day at the gym I remember making 3000 extra steps and the 10,000 steps mark, it was really an achievement for me. I really felt happy that I achieved something for myself. All these apps give out so many statistics and that got me understand my pattern of my movement . This was January of 2017, by summer of 2017 I could make 2 mile walk everyday and was almost averaging 12,000 steps everyday. That birthday I got myself a fitbit watch. I think that is the best birthday present I gave myself. I entered myself into virtual races and got myself medals for completing a said number of miles. In return I got myself some medals. This did cost me a bit but it gave me a commitment to workout more. The watch pushes me to move around the house if I am stationary or have not done 250 steps in that hour. The weekly emails showed me if I was doing okay. I also started averaging 13,000 steps a day. Some of my fun badges I received were I had done 5,000 miles that is an entire distance of the continent Africa and 14,000 life time floors. Some days were hard when you had to skip the gym but my mind had trained to catch up on it. It became a regular habit. End of 2019 I got myself into some back pain and starting coming down on my steps, I just averaged around 11,000 steps. I decided I needed something stronger to get myself moving.

January 12th I registered myself in a virtual race to complete 2020 miles by the end of December 2020. My fitbit is synced with the race app and I see statistics of how many miles I have finished. I have to average 5.7 miles a day to finish all my 2020 miles. So, it is almost two weeks , so how am I doing? . I think I am on the right track. I have done 69.4 miles of my 2020 miles. I have completed 3.4% of my race. So this piece would be completed by end of December 2020.

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