Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Every one complains about being on whatsapp and facebook. But I really enjoy that. It is really hard for me to socialize with my son’s disability. So thanks to social media I can now track any long lost friend or cousin on social media. Its that easy. Sometimes you can know what they are doing that time too at the comfort of my own home.

New Year Eve was so good with people exchanging New Year Wishes. The funny part is forwarding the same to another group. But hey you have to be careful since you may have common friends and you may be duplicating message for them. I was too careful and tried my best not to duplicate. But sometimes fate strikes. I forwarded a video of New Year wishes and the same group got the same video within couple if hours. HaHa. That is what whatsapp is all about 😄. But any way there is nothing wrong in getting duplicate messages. Its all about staying in touch.

Happy New Year and a New Decade.

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