Being out in the sun

We were in Florida last weekend. We did not go to Orlando but much south down to Miami and Everglades region. Most of you know what they are famous for. The alligators 🐊 are supposed to rule that region. But it seems pythons are now common.

The first day on a swamp buggy tour, our tour guide told us someone had left their pet python and now they have multiplied in hundreds. My husband who was sitting behind me told me, these tour guides just talk stuff to make people listen. The guide told us people were being paid a lot of money to catch these snakes since they were disrupting the eco system. He even showed us a picture of a python caught on his phone which had swallowed a whole deer. We just brushed it aside only to find the poster being put on one of the rest stops.

Okay, the tour guide was telling us the truth. Yes the pythons 🐍 were really hurting the animals there. Just a point to myself here. The next time, we should carry more cash to tip these tour guides. They do entertain us in a good way.

We also rode the airboat on the water and it was fun. It was too loud that we didn’t talk much and when the guide stopped, it was when we spotted an alligator. Here is one that we traveled all the way to see.😊

What we thought as crows was vultures actually and the guide called them the cleaning crew. I think it is an apt name for these beings.

The next day we decided to drive to Miami Beach. Parking is hard in those beaches so we stopped at a beach in Key Biscayne. Coconut trees and beach brought back my childhood memories. I am from Chennai, which has the second longest beach in the world and every house had a coconut tree. But we never tied a hammock and rested under a coconut tree. We were always scared coconuts would fall on our heads.😄

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood is supposed to be the Venice of US. So we had to shed some dollars to cruise around. The captain of the boat showed us all the multi million dollar homes and yachts. For a person who watches one too many crime shows on TV my mind kept thinking about a murder happening in those yachts and houses. That is when the captain said one house belonged to the director of Miami Vice , an 80s crime show and lot of movie shooting had taken place there. So I was not wrong!!!! The picture below is not the one of the director’s but one house that I loved.

The last day of the trip was a filler and we spent it at the International Swimming Hall of Fame. Our flight got delayed by two hours and we watched 1984 olympics events inside a cozy screening room. It was being renovated so admission was free and a time well spent. It was good one way since food and snacks at the airport was and is always expensive and a free museum admission is always good.

We always make a point to visit a Hindu Temple when we visit a new city. Yes, if you had read my other blogs you would know we go there for Indian food but this Temple was beautiful at sunset and I think this is the best picture I took on my entire trip.

It was five days of good fun and a much needed change for my family. It was our first trip on an airplane in five years and you can read about my experience here.

Returning back, we had a messy house since we had our entire flooring changed in our absence. The construction crew did a great job but I have a lot of cleaning work to do and of course nearly 8 days of laundry. So you all know what my next weekend coffee share would be about.

For Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share.

17 responses to “Being out in the sun”

  1. Excellent writing Uma. Felt like I was travelling with you. Reading what you said, gone are the days when every house has a coconut tree in Chennai.

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  2. In Australia I have been on boat tours in Far North Queensland and there sure are lots of crocs there. In fact, people are advised not even to paddle in some water ways. I liked reading about what you got up to and some of the pics of those houses…and boats…wow. I bet they are rarely used…Visiting from Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share


  3. I’d love to visit south Florida one day, but those pythons sound so scary…


  4. Good trip, always good to get away. That temple was beautiful for real.

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    1. Yes the Temple looked beautiful. It was beautiful inside too but photogrphy is prohibited.


  5. What an amazing trip! We lived in Hollywood, FL for a very short time when my husband was briefly transferred there from LA. (Then they cancelled the transfer.) Beautiful place. We weren’t there long enough to see the Everglades or an alligator, but loved the beauty. Your photos are gorgeous!

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    1. Yes a beautiful place. Thank you!


  6. Hi Uma, I enjoyed your post. I have never been to Florida. The temple was beautiful. It looks like it had been made of Gold!! I would like to see the alligators and coconut trees and the clean up crew of vultures. Your trip seemed fun. You have a good way of telling your story.

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    1. Thanks Kim. The sun set and the lights inside and outside made it look so beautiful.


  7. What a fun trip you had and very nice photos. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

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  8. What a cool trip! I’ve heard about the pythons in Florida. Scary stuff.

    I’m with you about lounging under coconut trees. I’d be afraid they’d fall on my head too!

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  9. The crows look very big. Thank you for sharing the photos of your trip. I can imagine the cleaning 🙂

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    1. They are vultures not crows 😊!

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  10. Thanks for sharing this. Anita

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