The next few weeks, due to one too many problems most of my basement needs to be renovated. This is my son’s sensory room and things need to be moved because of this. The work started yesterday and he could not sleep at all last night due to the anxiety that they had moved some things. So today, we decided to take him inside and show that nothing bad will happen with the change. He was able to ride his bike even though the room is a mess now. He became comfortable after that. My hope is once the room is fully done, it is going to be much better than before. He sure is going to enjoy it and maybe reap more benefits from it.

It has been a busy week for him and he has been out in the community a lot. He really was sleepy today, yet I took him to his social group and they had zumba today. He did workout with her. I really love his zumba teacher. She is really caring. He did not care much for the craft work today and was finding a sweet spot to lie down. He also did not want to leave the place. One of the staff mentioned, how much he has grown in the past few years. Yes, he is so much aware of his surroundings now and is able to participate along with them. My husband said, it was good that I took him to the group today since there was so much noise inside the house. It is going to be like that for the next few weeks. But he has to learn things will change and that he needs to accept those changes.

My son cooks once a week and on that day the entire meal is made by him with my help. We found out, one time, the salt was a bit high and the other time, if I say a little bit low, it becomes too low. He needs to work more on his fine motor skills and one thing we started was his handwriting practice back again. He is very fluent in his spelling on the keyboard. But call me old school, I love a pen and a paper. He loves writing. I think this is due to the sensory feedback he gets. His handwriting is not that great. But holding a pen is so similar to holding different utensils. As I keep adding things to his schedule, it really gets exhausting. But I have learnt to let go an activity when he does another on a particular day. It is all about prioritizing.

We had a rotary/roundabout built in our neighborhood. The work took a long time to finish and it was testing the patience of the drivers. But once it was done the drive has been so smooth. With absence of signals there is no traffic jam. When it comes to my son I have to keep remembering the rotary work. We are still in construction stage. Once the work gets over life is going to be smooth. I think that is positivity.

For Natalie’s Weekend Coffee share

7 responses to “Patience”

  1. I love that analogy – it’s great.

    I love handwriting too – I think it’s a shame that it’s a dying art – there are benefits to that fine motor practice for everyone. Plus, your cards look nicer when the occasion calls for them 😊

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  2. Positive thinking helps us better manage life challenges. Thank you for your weekend coffee share.

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  3. Very nice Uma!

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