What I have binged on!

What movies or TV series have you watched more than 5 times?

Ha Ha, When I saw this prompt I needed to write. I have binged on NCIS. There are certain seasons I love more than the others and felt sad whenever a major character left the series. I still watch it on CBS streaming but nothing can compensate the first 10 seasons.

I go back and watch my favorite episode even now and can confidently say I have watched it more than five times. I love the episodes that take place in the sea and really love the air craft carriers.l😊. It has multiple spin off series but I am not interested in any.

The main character Gibbs doesn’t talk much and one of his famous quote is, “Don’t apologize, it’s a sign of weakness “. I really love this quote.

9 responses to “What I have binged on!”

  1. I love NCIS and have rewatched it multiple times! My favorite character is Ziva

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    1. Me too. That is why I felt the charm got lost after season 10.🙂

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      1. Same, I watched a few episodes with Bishop but I missed Ziva. So then I re-watched the show
        from the first season again

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  2. I never got into NCIS. Never even binged, really. But I have watched the first Matrix like a hundred times, lol. No idea how I did that.

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    1. Wow you have self control not to binge.😊


  3. I love the quote, but it’s not a good way to live one’s life. I’m going through a period where I’m not watching series much – I don’t want the time commitment. That being said, I popped back in on some “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer” last weekend. Still awesome 💖

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    1. The quote may suit people who try to please other people too much. Taking ownership of every fault that is happening. So it may not apply all the time. Yes, these showsdo take a lot of your time .😊

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  4. I’m finally getting caught up on The Walking Dead.

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