CFFC: Things People Visit

So for Things People Visit, here are my entries and these are places we visit often.

Temples: Whenever we visit a new city, we try to go to the Temple there. You name a Temple, we would have been there in the North East part of this country. Of course we are a God loving family, but the Temple canteen food is an added attraction. Below, Balaji Temple, Bridgewater,New Jersey.

Any outdoor attraction, is a fun and easy place for us. Below, Washington Monument, Washington DC.

Trails: We walk a lot!!! Below, Boyce Mayview Park Trail, Upper St. Clair, PA.

Restaurants: Indian Restaurants are our reward for the hard work we do on weekdays. Dallas has the best Indian restaurants. Below, Malgudi Garden, Plano, Texas. Celebrated my special one’s 25th birthday there.

Having fun doing Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge:

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6 responses to “CFFC: Things People Visit”

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos! It’s always fun to see places I’ve never been before. 🙂

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    1. Yes it’s interesting to know new things.

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  2. Here too , when we go to temples we see that we are on time for the food😊. They are so delicious. When we went to Calcutta, we had afternoon food in Belur Math. The food was heavenly.

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    1. Ha ha food is always an added attraction.😋

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