Siblings! What do you see #175

Written for Sadje’s What do you see?

Image credit; Joshua Clay @ Unsplash

A girl and then a boy every parents’ dream fulfilled. Is it same for the siblings? Not so! It’s looks like a rivalry from day one. The elder sister tries to dominate the little brother. The younger one doesn’t care. She tries to act like a Mother, but he doesn’t reciprocate. She tries to act like a role model. He doesn’t copy. Advices from what to wear, what to study and what to do next keep the brother’s ears busy. But it looks as if everything is going into a deaf man’s ears. They grow with opposite views of the world and argue to the same.

But the bottom of the heart the siblings know their love for each other which is not openly exhibited.

Written from the standpoint of a sister who just has one younger brother.

5 responses to “Siblings! What do you see #175”

  1. Thanks for joining in Ganga. I’m sorry I missed your post. It’s a fun and pragmatic look at siblings.

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    1. No problem.
      I still try to boss my little brother who is in his mid 40s 😊.

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      1. Lol! Well when they start having white hair, they refused to be bossed.

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      2. 👍🏼🥰😻

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