Charm Bracelet

I realized only today morning that I was wearing a charm bracelet made by special one. He made this at his social group, the theme being Mardi Gras.

He has made and I have helped him make many things in the past but I have never worn anything.

We made a mask yesterday and a crown last week but I made him wear it. Of course I eat what he cooks but jewelry really makes a woman more happy than anything.

My boy is a sensory seeker and loves bead necklaces so this is going to be safely put away in a jewel box in my home and I will wear it whenever it matches my outfit or when I feel like it😊.

Okay what are these groups? These are facilitated by an organization to give opportunity for special needs adults to come together and have a chat. It is a great place to meet friends and have some fun and laugh. My husband always felt I was straining myself when I take my boy to these groups. Yes, there are days my boy can give me a hard time but the good days outweigh the hard ones. Yesterday was fun with a king cake and trivia and the charm bracelet just added more value to it.

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10 responses to “Charm Bracelet”

  1. What a lovely bracelet. These groups sound great and very enriching.

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    1. Thanks, yes the groups are fun.

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  2. A lovely bracelet, more so because your son made it for you

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      1. You’re welcome

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  3. Items created by our children and given to us are always special. The group sounds like a great place for your son, a lot of activities for him.

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    1. The group is fun. The things our kids make are always special.

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  4. Hi Uma, those groups I think are very helpful to Ani but for you too!! Ani gets to be out and with other young people and make things, and you can socialize and have fun too. Did Ani get the baby inside the King’s cake? It means good luck.

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    1. No Ani did not get it. Someone else got it😊.


  5. Hey everyone ! Nice group and info!
    Do check my website which has plenty of resources, blogs, webinars, podcasts, products for sale by specially-abled kids, artworks on display . I m sure you all gonna love it

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