Lake Ontario

Deep grateful thanks to the State Department employees who sent all our renewed passports last week much to our suprise that we could do an impulse trip to Toronto for President’s Day Weekend. It has been more than 5 years since we crossed the border so this trip was truly exciting.

Toronto was cold but my brother’s family gave us a warm welcome with so much food that I need to be at the gym all week to loose the weight I would have gained. It has been years since my special one spent a night at another person’s house and not in a hotel room. So it was an experience for him too.

Toronto is home to lot of Sri Lankam Tamilians. My sister in law took us to an all Tamil mall and let me tell you I was awe stuck I didn’t know what to buy. I promised myself that I would make a list for my next trip and definitely pick something.

A trip to the beach on a cold winter day will not be in anyone’s agenda. But our family is unique and we needed a walk and our niece guided us to Lake Ontario. We love all the fresh water lakes in this part of the world and even with wind chill hitting our faces we did walk nearly 2 miles😊.

As we drove home, my husband saw billboards showing sightseeing Niagara on a helicopter. I am really scared of heights and told him I would never get on a helicopter. But the thought is still lingering whether I should go on a helicopter ride or not. So maybe I am not as scared of it as I say I am! Only time will tell.

2 responses to “Lake Ontario”

  1. My previous apartment was a 10 minute walk from the beach (of the Mediterranean), and I enjoyed walking there in all seasons. It could be a bit unsafe if the weather was stormy – the water level could rise relatively quickly in that case.

    It sounds like you’ve all enjoyed your visit. The helicopter ride above Niagara falls sounds for fascinating and scary to me too…

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    1. If I do the helicopter ride it would be the most adventurous thing I would have done 😃!

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