Head held up high


Does this picture inspire you to write something?

Image credit; Deniel Argenal @ Unsplash

The woman is shorter than a giraffe, but is having her head held up high and the giraffe, even though taller has the head down looking at her.

The beautiful sky makes me want to analyze more about the scenario. A small man if confident can keep his head up high in any situation and need not be scared of anyone. A bigger man (both size and attitude) would not mind bowing his head down for another accomplished human being.

A feeling of inferior or superiority complexes affects every human being. A superiority one, leads to ego and overconfidence. An inferiority complex leads to not showing off their full potential which obstructs the growth. Both lead to work that is below average.

Learning where to put or head down or where to stand up high can definitely help in personal growth.

10 responses to “Head held up high”

  1. A profound interpretation of this image Ganga. Very well stated. Thanks for joining in.

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    1. Thank you. A wonderful prompt.🙏

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  2. It looks like maybe they’re going to bumb noses.

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  3. Wow you got all that! I see a giraffe and a woman looking at each other 🤣🤣.

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    1. My husband felt the same 😅

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  4. Well said, I agree with you!

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