CFFC: Things People Grow!

It was 70 degrees for us yesterday and it felt like spring. What a nice time to remember all the vegetables that was grown in our garden through the years.

For CFFC: Things People Grow

The green pumpkin was a surprise many years ago. We had just planted zucchini and for many months we did not have anything and was surprised to see this beauty in the corner of our garden. So did we plant pumpkins again. No we did not. We just have a few months of growing season and we are happy with our cucumbers and tomatoes.

The pumpkin hidden in the back of our garden and my husband harvesting it.

Green peppers are not easy to grow. We just get a few.

Lettuce was an easy one to grow, but the birds loved it so much once they found I was planting. I rarely plant it now.

Depending on the weather tomatoes have always been our bumper crop.

No one likes to eat zucchini but they are so easy to grow and boy do they grow big.

To stop my critters and birds from eating my beans we made a smaller fence around the plants. Last October we ate beans every day. We now know the trick to grow them! (touchwood)

Those tiny peppers are not spicy. But the smell is so wonderful.

Just like zucchini, cucumbers seem to do well in our garden. The entire month of August, we harvest them.

Gardening is not easy. It is so much of work, but I do feel it keeps my family engaged most of the summer in a very positive way. Every year, my husband says this is the last year I am putting in the effort and that he would do no more next year. But come spring, we are at the nursery picking up one plant or another.

19 responses to “CFFC: Things People Grow!”

  1. Your vegetables look so good! We used to do a garden every year, but yes they are a lot of work. We don’t any more. 🙂

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    1. Thanks. I hope we continue to plant.


  2. Terrific photos of things you grew 😀 😀

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  3. I like zucchini. I spiralize it and cook it like noodles. It’s quick – just a few minutes in boiling water – and delicious with the butter, salt, pepper, and parm.

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    1. That is great. I should try .

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      1. And your garden is lovely. I think I’m going to add lettuce this year. I just worry about slugs.

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      2. Thanks. I have to cover my lettuce seeds or the birds eat them.😊

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  4. Your garden pictures are great. The zucchini in place of noodles is very good. But so is spaghetti squash and it is easy to grow like zucchini. I love the pictures of your cucumbers. Have you tried putting a netting over the lettuce to keep the birds away? The lettuce looks like it grows well.

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    1. Thanks. Yes I have to put a net for the lettuce.


  5. Wow, beautiful vegetables!! ENJOY!

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  6. You sound like me. Every year I say I’m not going to do it because it’s so much work for so little veggies, but then the kids love planting the seeds and so we wind up doing it again the next year lol!

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    1. Ha ha a good addiction.

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  7. That is wonderful to grow so many vegetables in the garden. What is the taste of zucchini ? I have heard of zucchini bread.

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    1. Tastes like pumpkin. My mother puts it in sambhar and avial when she stays with me.

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  8. A beautiful garden and its products 👌👌

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