Not in the routine!

Last weekend I spent a lot of time lying on the bed and binge watching Tintin on my ipad. I caught a bug and according to my younger one I was enjoying my life.

I was not too sick but had to rest myself so I could get better fast for the week ahead. I did everything I could that can help me recover fast. I threw on myself everything except the kitchen sink (that is what we autistic moms do on our kids and I got the taste of my own medicine). I tried Navage for the first time and it was wonderful. My PCP had recommended me to use a Neti pot for my sinus and I splurged on this nasal care device and I am happy with the result.

I really enjoyed the downtime and it was at the time I understood the real meaning of a vacation. A time spent doing nothing that is routine. Taking care of yourself, ( yup we have to be a bit selfish) and someone else serves you. My husband and kids also helped me by not disturbing me at all.

When I plan a vacation, I pick up a brochure and try to check every activity that is available in that particular spot. Ha Ha, I have irritated my husband doing that.

So on a vacation it is okay to miss some sightseeing spots or get up late and miss the free breakfast. It is okay if it gets rained on the day we had planned for a hike. It is a time to relax and enjoy the not so routine things.

So the next time, we go on a vacation I have to keep all these things in my mind. Okay, I watched Tintin climb the Himalayas and travel to the moon, I am doing neither, my vacation will be on land and close to a water source. Eagerly waiting for summer to roll around to put my thoughts into action.

9 responses to “Not in the routine!”

  1. Good for you, we all need a downtime every once in a while.

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    1. Thanks! Needed that break.

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  2. Hi Uma, I think your advice is good. When we used to go to the beach when my kids were little, I tried so hard to keep our routine the same. But now I realize to do things not in your usual routine is what a vacation is for, to get a break from our day to day routine.

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    1. Yes I have to keep remembering this.


  3. Take care of yourself.

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  4. I hope you are feeling better now?

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    1. Yes I am better. Thanks for asking.

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      1. 🙏🏼👍🏼

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