It’s February

We have a solid prediction from a very reliable source that it is going to be 6 more weeks of winter! Happy Groundhog Day All!

I found this picture on my phone. I think it was a meme made by my younger one with help of snap. So true! A short month with just 28 days and a day already over looks like a long way to go but I love these memes that keep us engaged. I am also hooked onto some video shorts that are being posted on youtube and I think they are competing with big time directors. I keep saying to my husband, I will not be watching this anymore, but I am like an addict, I keep watching some of these shorts and yup they are being released at a very fast pace. It is a field without any distributors or middlemen or agents. A field open to everyone and of course you get hooked onto one. It can be a cook, a musician, a home organizer or even a doctor giving tips on how to eat healthy and shed some pounds. So is it a new trend and going to stay forever or is it going to evolve into something much bigger or just fade away? We just have to wait and see. When I was little I thought robot will be walking all over the world or at least would be doing household work. That did not happen. (We humans are still in control of the world). Never did I imagine, anyone could make a short movie and release to the world and monetize on them!

2 responses to “It’s February”

  1. But we ourselves produce corona virus and to be controlled


  2. Hi Uma, I like watching you tube videos too. Especially when you find a subject you like. They are fun but I know time goes fast while watching them. But it is so much easier to learn something on them.

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