Bloganuary Sets Down

Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?

As Bloganuary sets down on the last day of January I thank Mindy Postoff for posting the prompts and all the bloggers who participated along with me and encouraged me on this 31 day journey. It was a huge distraction for me and I enjoyed doing it.

I love the late evening sunsets and Ihave a beautiful view of it from my front lawn. We also walk late evenings at our nearby park and enjoy the sunset over there. It is a cold snowy morning with cloud cover throughout the day but eagerly waiting for Phil to come out of his burrow and say spring will arrive soon.

A beautiful view of sunset. A picture taken by my younger one when he went for a run on The Appalachian Scenic Trail last November.

And here is Mr. Phil from Gobbler’s Knob , The Weather Capital of the World. “Phil I hope you have some good news for me”.

11 responses to “Bloganuary Sets Down”

  1. I love this post. One of your best. I hope Phil has some good news for all of us concerning spring.

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    1. Thank you! Yes waiting for sprimg🙂!

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  2. It was reading your post daily Ganga.

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      1. You’re welcome

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  3. Phill enjoying the winter.

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  4. Wow that sunset is beautiful. Congrats on completing Bloganuary!

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