Bloganuary Day 30, Autobiography?

Prompt provided today?

What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

I really laughed out loud reading today’s prompt. All month long the prompts asked us so many personal questions. Many days I did not hesitate to answer them since mine is a personal blog. I kept thinking I can just put all the blogs together to publish my autobiography since I talked about my earliest memory to a meal I cook every day. Now as the prompts are coming to an end they have asked us to give titles to them.

Since I already gave titles to all my bloganuary prompts taking a portion from the prompt question I would just give that title. I can also just give them numbers just like I wrote Day, 1 or 2. I wrote these numbers for my Mom specifically so she does not miss on any prompts I write. I think as you grow older numbers make more sense. So maybe I will do both. A title to fit the chapter and a number for the chapter. So I will do like this, Chapter 1, birth of me. This should work out good.

Just one more day of Bloganuary. I really had fun doing this year. This year too I did not miss any day. Hey I am goodie two shoes. If I say I will do something, I do not cheat I get it done.

4 responses to “Bloganuary Day 30, Autobiography?”

  1. It feels good to get close to the end. It’s quite an accomplishment, and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts.

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  2. It never occurred to me. Glad you have some titles in place. 😊

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