Bloganuary Day 29, New Learning

Prompt for today

What is something you learned recently?

This is really interesting since I just made a blogpost a couple of days back. In fact that was the only post I made on my own in the month of January. I just wrote for Bloganuary prompts so when this question popped up I felt I do not need to re write but to just share the link. As the link suggests I learnt the true meaning of the word Guru and please do open and read it.

I had enrolled in a class that started on January 14th and it just finished today morning, that is January 29th so I am amazed this prompt showed up.

The Meaning of Guru

2 responses to “Bloganuary Day 29, New Learning”

  1. I’ve learned to cook lately, and have been able to feed myself better because of this, even though my recipes are all the very basics. Always learning is always a good thing. Thanks for this post!

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