The Meaning of Guru

For the past two weeks I have been attending Guru Gita classes. A verse in the text refers to the meaning of “Guru”. “Gu” represents, darkness or ignorance and the syllable “ru” stands for light or knowledge. So Guru is the one who dispels darkness or ignorance.

The term Guru is now referred so casually. The first day of the class, the teacher asked us to gently spread the true meaning of the word Guru gently since the meaning has been completely lost in the internet world.

Guru, has been referred to as a spiritual leader on the internet but the term Management Guru and Zumba Guru has been referred and used casually. Okay my special son’s Zumba teacher is wonderful. She does bring Bollywood music specifically for him to class but she is no way going to dispel the darkness or ignorance from him or for that matter for even for me. I do get a good workout along with him during that class which I pay a nominal fee.

A Guru is a person who has attained realization and is a one who like a lamp lights us to the path of realization. I am indeed fortunate to have a Guru. But as the class progressed I understood that I just got admission into a wonderful University which I have not used much to learn but to walk around and look at it’s surrounding.

Even Hindus who have understood the great parampara or lineage of Veda Vyasa and Adi Shankara are using the word casually and I think the word has to be little bit more carefully used.

The beauty of learning an Indian text is not the class. It is not the memorization but the practical application of it in real life world. I think me penning it down and spreading the word is just the beginning. There is a long way to go for me but I think I have the right path.

9 responses to “The Meaning of Guru”

  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing the true meaning of Guru!

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    1. Glad I was able to learn and share with all. Thank you.🙏

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  2. This is what upanayanam also means. Sending the boy to a Guru

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    1. To learn about Brahhman for a master who has already realized that.


    2. Thanks for this post highlighting the true meaning of Guru. Hema Raghavan, Toronto

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      1. Thank you maami.🙏


  3. This is so interesting. It is a little disheartening how powerful words can kind of have their meanings diminished, but this is a good reminder for us all

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    1. Yes. The word looses it’s meaning in due course.


  4. Thanks. I also learnt the meaning of Guru.


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