Bloganuary Day 26, Multilingual

What language do you wish you could speak?

Oh I would love to be multilingual. Is there any specific language? No there is not. I feel learning any new language is good for the brain. In fact on one Bloganuary question I did mention about my younger one not able to speak his mother tongue.

I am enrolled in Sanskrit classes. I think at this age memorization seems to be hard and I am being very shy and hesitant to talk in classes. But I do feel it is going to help me with my memory in general.

With so many apps available I may try to learn one European language too. I am not particular about which one but anything is fine for me.

2 responses to “Bloganuary Day 26, Multilingual”

  1. Once you get a grasp of one language, the second language is easier to learn, and the languages get easier to learn. Keep going, keep trying. Practice speaking the language you are learning at home, best to look in a mirror, as it helps with the mental process of learning a language.

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    1. I have to start talking before the mirror. Thanks for the tip.


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