Bloganuary 2023, Day 5, Joy

What brings you joy in life?

Anything small can make us all happy. People do not understand that and keep going around in circles to find that happiness.

Yesterday at his game of kickball with his friends my special one struggled to kick the ball couple of times and at the fourth attempt he succeeded and made a huge kick. It made me so happy. In fact it motivated me to encourage him more.

Okay, my boy gives me happiness. But personally I am really happy when I organize something. In fact I feel so happy when I put the laundry away and hang my clothes. This summer I organized all my sarees in a closet according to color and texture and looking at it made me so happy. But I do run around and do so many things with my boy that I am so tired to organize things and tend to postpone even folding laundry.

I have my spice rack, which I make my own spices and when all the jars are filled it really gives me the rush of happiness. I am really proud that I do not buy so many of the Indian spice powders. I make them on my own at home fresh. This really gives me joy.

The big thing I am really lagging behind is organizing my special one’s crafts. We have been doing so many of them since the pandemic and I do not have a place to store his craft needs. As I write this prompt I now know what I have to do next to create more happiness in my life.

I really liked this prompt today. I spend so much of time in my house and I feel that keeping my house organized is giving me more joy than a vacation or winning a lottery.😊

11 responses to “Bloganuary 2023, Day 5, Joy”

  1. Me too Uma, I always organized things, when I was a little girl, we had built in bookcases in our living room. I used to like to arrange the books by size. I was always rearranging my bedroom and moving the bed and nightstand so it felt like I had a new bedroom. Now I do feel better when things are organized. I think I am like you in that way!!

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  2. Very well written. Simple things at home give us joy. I can relate to what you wrote and the reply from Kimerle. Just this morning I rearranged the furniture in my dining room and cleaned up the space – it felt like a new room. I was so happy when my family appreciated the change.

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    1. When family appreciates it is double joy. Thanks for reading.


  3. I love this! There is much satisfaction in order.

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  4. A clean house makes me feel joy. I to get joy from organizing. I can only imagine what your house smells like when you are making your own spices… I have some fresh herbs, but I have not made my own spices. I am going to learn how. It is the little things that we stop to see that bring us joy. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. We use lot of dry coriander/cilantro so yes it smells so good!


  5. I thought it was a good prompt too. Love that you can find joy in the little things too. Hats off that you make your herbs sometimes from scratch.

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  6. How lovely that you make your own spices!

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