A busy month ahead

I renewed my wordpress membership today. I made my husband do it for me. I could have done it on my own but I wanted him to be part of what I am doing. I have a paid subscription and I wanted him to support me and I am glad he did that. I know he doesn’t read all my blogs. But he is happy as to what I am doing. (It is not like I need his permission to do it but a little support goes a long way). For a person who reads only sports and politics supporting for my personal blog is big. I also want to thank my readers for supporting me.

So December is here and I had a Christmas village for my Navaratri golu, so of courseI will be putting up a tree. I started my tree tradition exactly 18 years ago when a music therapist recommended I do it for my special one who loves Christmas songs. She said wouldn’t it be great if he has a tree to watch. My younger one was just days old when we got a smal 10 dollar tree from Walmart and had it installed. I still remember how much he loved looking at it. It was my younger one again in first grade who wanted to get a bigger tree and I remember a Thanksgiving Black Friday morning when we went to Kohls to get a discounted one. We did get a great deal. We do not spend much on Christmas gifts but I always thought having the tree during this time is so much positivity. We will be putting up the tree this weekend so watch out for pictures.

December is pretty busy with my special one since we visit so many of the Christmas light displays and events. It has become part of the tradition we have with him. Last year we made three gingerbread houses, small ones and it slowly disappeared over Christmas time. So we will be doing it again. The tough part is making my son not eat them while we are building it.

So a busy month ahead. I hope the weather cooperates too. A little bit of snow to make a White Christmas will be fun. (Not any big snowstorms).

6 responses to “A busy month ahead”

  1. In chennai we are busy with morning bhjans, evening concerts, Radha Kalyanams, Ushath pooja, Pongal etc.

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    1. Yes that is what I am planning next year. You can baby sit Ani so I can enjoy all the concer.

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  2. I hope you’ll post pictures of your tree and the gingerbread house. As anonymous said, here in Chennai, we are gearing up for a month of thiruppavai, but before that there’s Karthigai. So, festive month all over.

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    1. I miss chennai during maarghazhi. Yup the gingerbread and the tree pictures will definitely show up.😀

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  3. Oh by the way, I used to be limp cabbage and moved. In case you are wondering…

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