Cyber Monday!

The work week has began. I think it is going to be lot of work for the amazon employees with all the cyber monday shopping 😊that I did. The past two months have been me searching craft work for my boy and amazon showed up all the deals for me today.

My Aunt gifted me the mug on her last visit. So kind of her.

I have never been a fan of tailoring. But I have ordered some craft pieces that need sewing. Anything to teach my boy a skill I am ready to do now. I have to engage him in a purposeful way. If I successfully finish my sewing craft with boy I think I may become eligible for the super mom mug. Gifts like these encourage me to keep going, though some days are harder than the other.

I still don’t know if all the cyber monday deals are really good deals but if I make a habit of purchasing my stuff only during this period I should be saving money by not spending the rest of the year. Oh, I do not want to commit myself to this. Online shopping has become a lifeline for all of us.

Anyhow amazon employees, me and my boy all have work ahead of us…

FOWC with Fandango : Work

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