The day began with my friend sharing a picture of her in front of my school. I had to travel back in memory as I remembered my school days. More than thirty years since I graduated High School and yet it looks like yesterday I was walking to school with my friends.

Then I got a message which asked me if I am watching World Cup Soccer. I am not watching soccer. In fact I used to watch all sports growing up. My grandfather used to watch cricket and tennis all the time and it was a part of me. I remember watching the world cup soccer finals once with my brother in the middle of the night in a small tv in our upstairs bedroom. So I had followed that too, but right now I am not following any sports. But I live in a house with men and I do hear the scores but I am not so involved. I am still thinking why I lost interest in sports? Maybe the very fact my husband likes is what is making me averse to it? 🤷‍♀️

So the nostalgia did not stop there. My phone reminded me what I was doing last year this time. Was I celebrating Thanksgiving? Nope, I had tested positive for covid and I was very sick. (My son had picture of me curled up on the sofa🙂) .In fact I was more scared than being sick I should say. I had lost my smell and taste, so that had me worried. Really thankful this year, we are all healthy and it looks like covid is in the past. I did make a decent lunch and we do not eat turkey and had a store bought pie which made my children happy. But we did have turkey on the table and here it is.

Turkey and a pie! Happy Thanksgiving 🍁

Later in the day, I was cleaning a shelf and my I found a gerber baby food bottle. I had stored something in it. Oh, it has been nearly 17 years since I have purchased one. Now my thought? Should I keep it or throw it away ? I have no answer now. So it stays.

As I walked down my memory lane, it definitely was not a somber day but a pleasant one. By the way the weather was beautiful too!

For Fandango’s One Word Challenge: somber

6 responses to “Nostalgia”

  1. The pie looks delicious and the turkey cute 😊. Long back I loved listening to cricket commentary, now I do not even know the names of the players. I used to watch grandslam tennis matches, the semi finals and finals but this year I did not. I don’t know why. 😊

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    1. Maybe too many sports being broadcast and too many channels? We just had one before .🙂 One and only door darshan

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  2. We are hooked on World Cup soccer in our house. That pie looks delicious!

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  3. I think you should save the baby bottle, I saved lots of baby things, even a diaper pin and tiny nail clippers and a tommee tippee cup. Your Turkey looks cute and the pie looks delicious.

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