Food Mix and match

All November, I have been trying to write to prompts given by another blogger. For today, I am writing to a picture #What do you see? What does this picture inspire me?

I am getting into a schedule with my boy. If he is not engaged, I see lot of issues and my planning certainly helps. There are two things he is really interested. One is music and the other cooking/eating. Every day cooking or teaching cooking is hard for me. I have to take him out into the community for his activities and teaching cooking requires a lot of patience. So we have decided Tuesdays to be our cooking day. He exclusively helps me in the kitchen. Using the scissors to cut packages, measuring food, using the mixer for grinding stuff, washing vegetables and using the instant pot are some of things he gets used to do. I had written a post saying I want to create a digital cookbook for him with recipes that he has made. It is not an easy task, but with practice I hope we can accomplish. So today for lunch he made a mixed vegetable curry called avial and for dinner he made adai, a lentil pancake. This avial and adai is a famous South Indian breakfast dish and technically not a dinner item. It is very heavy, but now we have got used to mix and matching dinner, lunch and breakfast menus. My son loves this combo and he would be having the same for breakfast too. The past few days the picture has been showing off in my feed when other bloggers post on it. So it did inspire me to write about my son’s cooking again today. Here are a few snaps of his work today in the kitchen.

8 responses to “Food Mix and match”

  1. Looks great and tempting.👏🙂

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  2. I think it’s wonderful that you’re teaching your son some of your traditional recipes. He seems very apt at making these pancakes. I’ve never heard of lentil pancakes! Must try. Thanks for joining in.

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