A tiny bloom

The day began a bit dull and depressed. My husband told me not to throw myself a pity party. I may blame it on the weather but it may not be the only reason. I am a bit tired physically (even my husband) as my boy is a bit off. By the end of the evening I have planned his rest of the week activities and that has given me some confidence that both of can get rest without much strain and rejuvenate ourselves in the process. Added to that as I entered the guest room where we have our plants that we got inside for the winter , I smelled the sweetness of jasmine in full bloom. I can’t share the smell, but I can share the bloom. Plants do have the power of healing!

For Cee’s Flower of the Day!

9 responses to “A tiny bloom”

  1. Hi Uma, last week when I was taking my daily walk with Ringo, walked past a neighbor’s house with compost bags out for the Saturday leaves etc pickup. Sticking out of the top was a pretty vine with flowers. I felt sad because I knew the vine was pulled out of the ground for fall clean up. But it was still flowering. Poor flowers, I thought. I used my picture this app and learned it was called Brazilian Jasmine. I decided I wanted to grow this next year.

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    1. Kim I got it at whole foods two years back. I changed the soil and transferred to a bigger pot and they are thriving. In fact it was just 10 dollars.


  2. Plants and music. Sometimes when I’m down, dancing around the house helps.

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    1. Of course dancing to music is also good😊!

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  3. Terrific macro of this tiny flower 😀

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