A coffee story

People have asked me if my husband cooks. My husband can feed me if I am sick, but cannot make a meal on a daily basis. But let me tell you, he makes excellent coffee. If you ask me what kind it is, I do not have an answer. He has the basic ingredients which he uses to make an excellent coffee every morning and since pandemic in the afternoon too. Here is a short clipping of how he does it. My special one helps his Dad and the way they make coffee in the morning is like a dance recital.

The proportion of water and milk, the time it takes to steam, the perfect coffee and sugar combo and the way he mixes it gives this one the taste and smell. Of course there is no love lost.

So during this Thanksgiving week, my heartfelt Thanks to my husband for me making me coffee every morning.

For RDP Saturday: Thanks

4 responses to “A coffee story”

  1. He used make coffee to my taste when I was there.

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  2. I am now drinking hot, strong filter coffee while reading your blog 😊. A good beginning of the day.

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    1. Ha Ha. Nothing can equal filter coffee ☕️.

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