Tangerine Peppers

An ornament plant out in the lobby of my Recreation Center would have made my Dad drool. I took this picture specifically for him since he loves spicy peppers. Both his grandson and granddaughter know about his taste, that is how he reacts to these tiny peppers. By the way I too would drool since i have inherited his taste genes. These little peppers are very spicy when they are green. My husband and my younger one would run away from these peppers, but I do sneak them into anything and everything I am having alone. 🙂

For Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: November Tangerine Orange

I hope I get the bonus points, since they are not autumn leaves or pumpkin!!!!

This November I am trying to write for other bloggers challenge and here is a new one😊.

4 responses to “Tangerine Peppers”

  1. Though I was there for 6 long months I couldn’t not see such a variety even in markets.

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  2. Brilliant photo for this week’s tangerine orange color 😀 😀

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