Scavenger Hunt

Today my son’s program met at the mall food court. My son loves the food court, but meeting and doing activities in the food court is not his passion. He loves to eat and that is the only thing he wants to do. So he had a mild tantrum asking for food when we went there. But he understood he had to do some art work before he can get his food. He even said a big “Hi” to all his friends, thinking that may get him his food. As soon as he was done with the activity, we went to buy his food and he seemed to be happy and relaxed by then. That is when I looked at a Scavenger Hunt List that was given to me by his facilitator. There were 24 on it and my son was getting a bit hyper that we decided to try our luck with it. We made 22 out of the 24 on the list and my son took each and every picture as I read and pointed to the place. I was a big scared to take a picture of the jewelry shop and some we zoomed and took pictures. The escalator, massage chair and the soda machine (vending machine) did not complain when we took a close up shot. I thought a video would be more fun than pictures. Hope you all open the link and see the fun scavenger hunt we did at the mall.


We have been to the mall before but today me and my son saw it from a different perspective. My county funds my son for him to be out in the community and I think today was something unique. If you put your heart into anything. any place can become fun and even education can take place. Oh, the only shop we did enter was the coffee shop and I had to buy him an oatmeal raisin cookie! Other than that we were fine. The target was 24 but we got 22, I think that is cool.

So today’s blogger’s prompt: Word of the Day Challenge: Target

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  1. That looked like so much fun Uma, the mall is a lot of fun, especially on a rainy day. Plus I’ll bet you and Ani got a lot of steps because the mall is big. I love the Food Court just to sit and have a coffee. I have not been to the mall in a while. But I think I am going to buy all my Christmas at the mall instead of always online. It seems like you had a fun day!!

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    1. The Christmas decorations are all up already! The food court is a great place to relax.


  2. 22 out of 24 is good. My son has Retinitis Pigmentosa from birth. He is 39 now. He completed his Phd in English Literature from the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad in 2016. Since then he is an assistant professor in the Department of Languages of our University. Life gives us many challenges and how we face them depends on us. He has confidence in himself , so others have confidence in him. Reading your post reminded me of those early days. All the best.

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    1. ❤️❤️. Yes life gives us challenges and with my son’s severe autism it is a challenge every day but yes we can look at the way we handle it. Thanks you.🙏🙏🙏

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