Special Diets

When my son was three I asked my pediatrician if I should take my son off milk or gluten. He said no need since there was no evidence of milk causing any issues of autism. My son loved icecream and that was the only food he craved for. He loved those little debbie zebra cakes too, and usually he would eat no other than these two items . He was very thin then and his food choices were limited. So he lived off anything that could be licked or food that can be made into segments and we were ready to give h

By the time he was 9, he developed facial tics and our journey to find a solution began. His pediatrician then recommended that we stop gluten and milk!!! Do you how hard it is to go on a diet then? We slowly limited his milk intake and going gluten free was easy since we eat rice. Within a week I got a call from school saying his behaviors had improved drastically.

Yes, my son responded to diet but it was not enough to take his diagnosis away. We also lost our battle during his puberty years when he was diagnosed with PANDAS. Those were tough and we introduced back things into the diet along with enzymes. In fact he did loose interest in Indian bread chappathi and cakes. He doesn’t crave for it. But he is a pizza and ice cream junkie. Over the years we have learnt to accept that we can’t win all the autism battles. The food battle is something we have lost.

Anyhow over the years the food industry has rolled out of duplicates which we didn’t have when we started 15 years ago. So yes, I can cheat him with a cauliflower vegan pizza but I do loose him at the food court. My recommendation or suggestion, it is perfectly fine to try any kind of diet for your kid. There are many kids who have showed huge improvement with diets. We were the unlucky ones that did not gain anything huge. Food is what we are, so we do cook a lot at home and try to be clean and organic as much as possible. Yet……. we have lost the battle!

I have a ton of food pictures on my phone and I thought these pictures would apt for

Ragtag Community Prompt: lick

Fandango One Word Challenge: Segment 😊

By the way this one was a killer (in a sense, it was tasty but loaded with sugar) at an Indian restaurant. They served ice-cream with Indian sweet Gulab jamun!

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  1. I’d love to taste some of that first one which looks like Cheesecake. 🙂

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  2. Those were some good-looking desserts!

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  3. These looks so good

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