Today after a long time, I saw my resting heart rate go down on my fitbit. I didn’t take my boy out into the community. We have decided Tuesdays are going to be cooking days. We use an instant pot to make one pot meals and it is not an arduous task. He worked on a hundred piece puzzle as I switched channels and ended up taking cat naps. A simple one pot meal and salad didn’t take much time but I am still searching for my cucumber that I got yesterday from the store. I even searched in my car trunk and found out red onions rolled back in the trunk. I was not missing onions😂. So where did the cucumbers go???? My husband after work did search for the cucumbers with confidence saying we did get it home. But no, it is still missing!!! Anyway that is a mystery, we are off to the gym to do some arduous exercise. I hope so!😊

For Your Daily Word Prompt Arduous

All November I am trying to write to prompts provided by other bloggers. Finding a picture or using a word in my blog is not that easy but it is super fun.

4 responses to “Resting”

  1. That is funny, where could your cucumber have gone? Did you check your receipt to see if maybe you did not get charged for it?

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    1. Yes we paid and it is missing 🙂!


  2. 🤣🤣Bet it’s hiding in the fridge somewhere 😊.

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    1. Once it is inedible it would be found!😃


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