It was a summer like Fall Day. Is this called global warming? I do not know. But I really enjoyed my walk. Today I went to the park with my younger son. I did not take my phone with me.(I am a Mom to a typical kid too, and a car ride is one place we both are in the same room and I can have a conversation.) As we parted ways to walk, he asked me how we were going to connect since I do not have a phone, I said we will meet near the playground around a particular time. Is it not how we communicated with each other before everyone had cell phones. My phone is too heavy to carry and I feel pressure on my palms. Unless necessary I am not planning to take my phone for my walks anymore.

The clocks changed today and I got an extra hour of sleep and my special boy got up the said usual time. His clock has not changed. The Senate had passed a bill to eliminate this time change but the House has not yet done. So have to deal with this nonsense until the Congress decides on it. As I read this article on CNN I stumbled upon the week’s quiz and got a five out of ten. I think that is not bad, we do not need to know everything that is happening in the world.

My iPhone gives me a message as to how many hours I used my phone that particular week. Though I do not need to do a complete digital detox , I do not need to carry my phone with me all the times. So searching for ways I can put it down.

November I have decided to write for prompts to other bloggers, but Sundays I thought I would take a break and write something on my own. Thanks to all who are stopping by to take a moment to read my blog. It is a busy world, so taking time off to read mine makes me feel happy.

2 responses to “Detoxing”

  1. I like to walk without my phone too. I think whatever is important will still be important when I get home. When I carry my phone in my pocket, I am always taking it out to take pictures of flowers or little pinecones on a tree. I do like noticing these things but I really do not need to take a picture of it. My dog Ringo gets really annoyed if I stop to take a picture or read a text. He barks to say, let’s go Mom!! It is nice to be outside with no phone distractions just like it used to be.

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    1. Yes Kim, we can be without phones .


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