Our Daily Acts

We are working very hard to loose some weight with my son. We had walked nearly 2 miles yesterday. The weather was perfect and that is when I decided to take a break. A few minutes later I received a call from my husband who had gone inside the gym with my boy (in an attempt to make him do the elliptical) but had been side tracked because of the vending machine.

Improvisation started and a script was being prepared in my brain as to the next steps that need to be taken so that we come out of the situation victorious without getting my son a candy.

As I dictated to my husband his dialogue, he aptly executed. A promise was made that once the elliptical was done we would go to Rite aid to get KitKat!!! My son fell for this and he accepted the proposal and even did a great job on his elliptical.

So did we get the KitKat, no we did not. My son’s OCD caused him to crave candy and had to have a tantrum near the vending machine. By the time the exercise was done, he had completely forgotten about it. I hate when gyms have vending machines with all the junk. I cannot do anything but deal with the situation. This is something we are dealing every day though medicines, therapy and our spontaneous parenting skills help a bit.

There are many people who do not want a cure for autism. But for us dealing with his OCD, and his meltdowns and self injurious behaviors which are a big of autism, my son definitely needs a cure. I hope and pray everyday a breakthrough is made and the root for the cause of his problems are found. The Pharma Giants would definitely make money, and parents like us can have a relief.

Today I used four prompts from four different bloggers and I am happy attempting to do writing from prompts all this month. This is a challenge for me since I am doing a personal blog. But I am also getting an opportunity to read other bloggers too. Thank you all for the encouragement!

For Ragtag Community Prompt for Friday: breakthrough

For Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Giant

Daily spur prompt: Root

For My Vivid Blog: Improvise

2 responses to “Our Daily Acts”

  1. Hi Uma, you do so much with Ani, it is good he forgot about the vending machine and getting a Kit Kat. I too love vending machines, I think because when I was little vending machines were so fun and sometimes you could find left change in the coin return, when I was little that is. My Mom did not keep any pop or treats in our house. Just on Friday night, we would have potato chips and French onion dip. So vending machines were fun to get a treat!! I hope too there is cure for or more help for autism.

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