Binge watching

This month I want to try writing to prompts provided by other bloggers. I want to write everyday but I am not going to obsess about it.

When I saw Fandango’s prompt for today I thought I should move on to another blogger since the prompt was prison. Early morning I had no idea about prisons until I saw a Bones episode on Amazon Prime . If you do not know the show, it is about a FBI agent and a forensic anthropologist solving murders and the episode I saw today happened completely in prison. A murder was committed in prison and the murder weapon was made using prison cook book pages. It is hard for people to read and execute something, but when you give visual aids just on these TV shows, you make people curious and some can even execute them. So things are being made easy for criminals. Just my thought process.

But I binge watch on these shows and I think these are my stress busters. I do not sit and concentrate, I usually have something going on and sometimes I even take a nap while watching them. So after a 20 minute quick nap I know who the killer is. I specifically ask my husband not to switch off the TV if I am napping since I may wake up and it may disturb my sleep. Usually I am fresh from these naps. I remember my Grandmother taking these naps while watching TV and she was in her seventies, but I am not even fifty and I need this.

With outdoor activity limited I am hoping I can read other bloggers writing on the same prompt and show them some of my love. I hope I get the time to do that.

For Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Prison

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  1. Thanks for participating in the prompt. Good luck in your endeavors to respond to prompts. I do that often and I enjoy it.

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