The art of cooking

I never cooked before marriage. My Grandma never allowed me in the kitchen and I never bothered to learn much. All my cooking evolved by having men in my house. I learnt every day cooking by compulsion and I can say I am good at it. My special one has very good taste buds , so I need to satisfy him.

But certain things I have not tried. I do not bake and I have never attempted complicated (according to me) Indian sweets. These things require patience and exact measurements to give the perfect color, taste and appearance.

I am a foodie, so I love when someone posts food pictures. I love to look at it. The past week was Diwali and I eagerly scrolled for many food posts and videos. But here is the picture my brother just sent me today of South Indian sweets and snacks prepared and presented by his wife and her friends for a special occasion . I applaud their patience in making such a variety and let me tell you, these are not professional caterers but people who love this art form. My brother’s wife did prepare the orange sweet called Jaangiri. Kudos to the team who made it. I think every sweet and savory is going to taste as good as it looks😋 Too bad for me they live 300 miles North of me in Canada or I would have been there this weekend.

For RDP Friday: Art

9 responses to “The art of cooking”

  1. Everything is so colorful and plated so beautifully, are those figs in the line in the background?

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    1. There are decorative pieces and coconuts Kim. No figs.


  2. Those treats do look delicious 👀.

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  3. The murukku look perfect. Absolutely perfect.
    I tried jangri for the first time in my life too. They looked like drunken octopus, but tasted divine.

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    1. Ha Ha if it tastes good then I am fine if it is in any form😀.

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  4. Those sweets and snacks look amazing.

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    1. Heard they tasted good too. 😀


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