Common Chicory

I promised myself I would be much more observant of the nature when I go for a walk. I have been good and have been observing more this summer.

One flower picture I clicked on my walk in September got missed out. Only today the picture me app taught me what this was. This is common chicory. Oh, I am so used to this since in India chicory is added to coffee powder and never in my dreams did I imagine I would capture it’s flower!

My app told me it was a good livestock feed, but it was not good for horses. Along being added with coffee, the leaves can be eaten raw or used in any cooking for it’s flavor.

As the weather cools down I am really going to miss these long walks outside, but happy I know how to engage myself 🙂.

For Cee’s FOTD

10 responses to “Common Chicory”

  1. Did you take some Chicory leaves home?

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    1. No , maybe next time!🙂


  2. I see those flowers all the time too Uma. I have per your recommendation, the picture this app too. I discovered like you that it is chicory. Before I had that app, I always called those purple flowers straw flowers. My walks with my dog take so much longer now because I am always stopping to take pictures of weeds to see what they are.

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    1. I love the app, I took the picture and forgot to check it out!!!


  3. Very cool photo for today. Thanks for joining along 😀

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  4. This looks beautiful!

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