Warding off evil!

We did these cute little witches yesterday. We used some pins to push into these tiny pumpkins. They came out really good. I also have a big pumpkin that my boy picked up from a patch which we are going to paint.

All these paintings made me remember “drishti poosinikai” back home in India. The ash gourd is painted with a scary face to ward off evil and placed in the front of the house . Rituals and practices are different but we are all human in the end. We all have same thought processes but they differ according to our environment. Here is a wonderful you tube link of how it is done in India.

I maybe replicating the same with the pumpkin that is sitting in my house. I am celebrating Halloween and also warding off evil spirits!

The process of making this painting requires so much of patience that I am sure all the negativity inside will go away. The happiness I experience with the activity would create positive vibrations. So definitely I will be warding off some evil inside me today!

4 responses to “Warding off evil!”

  1. Dear Ganga,

    Like you, I love indoor decorations, arts and crafts.

    Yours sincerely,

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