A Fall Day!

After two busy weeks, I went for a walk. My husband decided to walk with my son and I took my time to take stroll on the trail. The trail is a constant for my boy, so there is not much anxiety.

But for me, I noticed the leaves changing color and felt the crisp breeze. Not too cold weather and it is still a bit warm to enjoy. Another summer has passed and one thing I really wanted to do was bike on these trails which I didn’t do. Maybe I would try next summer! As my fitbit congratulated me for reaching 10,000 steps I felt satisfied. My watch is 5 years old now. It is not a decorative ornament but my cheer leader. I see it loosing battery power faster than before but I am really not interested in buying a new one with more features. I am really worried I may loose this streak so will keep this one. The mantra being old is gold🙂.

Hope you all will enjoy the colors as I did.

4 responses to “A Fall Day!”

  1. Looks like a truly relaxing place to walk. I use an app on my phone to count my steps, you’re doing well with your 10000 steps.

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    1. Yes it is a beautiful place.


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